four free aperture 1.5 themes

Not new, but (finally) updated versions of the previous four themes for the new location of the web themes in {Aperture} 1.5 (and 1.5.1).

This version also has a faster installer that simply assumes the program lives in /Applications, and so the whole thing is over in less time than the .dmg file takes to open 🙂

Download the .dmg file

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  1. Forrest Jerome

    thanks ian!

  2. I have opened the .dmg file and it is loaded, but where is it on my drive, its not in my aperture web themes, so how do I get it there. many thanks 😎

  3. Carlo – it should go directly into the web themes inside /Applications/ there’s nothing to see on your hard drive by itself. It ought to show up as extra names like “StockSub” when you open/create any web gallery and click on the themes button. If not, what version of Aperture are you using (versions before 1.5 look in a different location), and is the program located in your /Applications directory on your boot drive, or elsewhere ?

  4. Forrest Jerome


    they installed directly into the applications folder. so i wind up with Applications/Contents/Resources/WebThemes/ (a folder for each theme).

    i am using 1.5.2 and Aperture is in the Applications folder.

    i will just drag them over, but, in my case anyway, the installer did not put them in the right place.

  5. I opened the files up as well and they ended up in the same place as Carlos’ Where should I drag the folders to?

  6. Hi Ian,

    I hope this will help you, it’s just three simple steps:
    1.) Locate the “Contents” folder in your Applications folder. Keep clicking through until you are inside the folder called “Web Themes”. Leave that window for now.
    2.) Locate your “Aperture” application inside the Applications folder. Right-click it and select “Show Package Content”. Navigate through the folders: Contents>Resources>WebThemes
    You should see 6 Folder inside “WebThemes” (Art Collection, Picture, Proof, Special Occasion, Stock, Stock Black).
    3.) Remember the window from step one. Move all the folders from there to the window from step 2. Done.
    (4.) Now you can just delete the “Contents” folder INSIDE the Applications folder. NOT THE ONE INSIDE Double Check please!