Why bother with such statements on a private site ? Because of the litigous nature of some, erm, continent(s) that shall remain nameless for now. I don’t knowingly violate any trademarks or copyright laws on this site, and I’m certainly not going to tolerate any legal hassle for what is, to be honest, a small internet backwater with a few pages of technical or personal interest. If I want to fight for rights online against the corporate monster that is trying to take over the ‘net, then I’ll do it in my own way, probably via a few anonymous remailers (if they still exist…), or by donating money to those I consider are fighting in the correct fashion. I’m not going to martyr my connection for the right of an anonymous poster to defame multi-nationals.


The feedback form is designed for comments about this site – I’m happy to leave up posts that are valid criticisms, but I reserve the final right to decide if a post if abusive. Yes, this is censorship.

what is abuse ?

Items which would result in a post being deleted and/or an IP being blocked include (but are not limited to) those listed below:

  • Any action which jeopardises my relationship with my ISP (ie: don’t try to break my T&C’s)
  • Gratuitous profanity without any coherent argument against myself, or anyone else
  • Links to any pay/porn site without an attempt at relevant conversation
  • Any attempt whatsoever to harvest email addresses from this server
  • Simple cases of profanity with a valid argument will result in the ***ing of words – yes I swear IRL[1]. No, I think it is a valid form of expression – my ISP may not, and I like my connectivity more than I like learning new words.

[1] I’ve installed Windows…


Your email address requested on the Comments form is not displayed – it’s there if you would like some direct feedback. The IP that posted the comment is logged, but can only be seen by site administrators – then again, the Apache web server logs will record the IP too, so that’s no big issue. There is no way I will contemplete the merest possibility of selling an email address from this site, nor will I condone any other site attempting to harvest details. The only direct cookies used here are to allow quicker login to the WordPress posting form, but if you don’t have posting rights, that doesn’t matter. At some point cookies may be used to store user preferences such as the style used to render the site – if you block cookies the style will keep popping back to my default, and that’s all. There may be third party cookies used to track web stats – feel free to delete/block these as you wish. No address will be added to even a private email list without the owner of the address being directly involved – there are no current lists, and any future ones would require an explicit (opt-in) subscription process.

i don’t like those conditions

Ok. Don’t post. Don’t comment.