four free aperture themes

Update 07nov06: Note that the download here is only for Aperture versions up to (and including) 1.1.2 The location of the themes is different for Aperture 1.5, so view the updated post if you’re using 1.5 or 1.5.1.

Well, more variations than true themes, but if you have {Aperture} I have add a new Stock theme which has a grey background, and also created versions that have a link to a parent directory in the theme itself so it’s a little easier to get at least a one level deep gallery out of the program.

The four are called:

  • Stock Grey
  • StockSub
  • StockSub Black
  • StockSub Grey

(the Sub to show they are used as Subdirectories rather than for the top level)

You can see it in action with a few of my own pictures. For the moment I have resorted to a hand-built top level page, but have a few ideas about how to automate this side of things.

Download the installer.

(Update: a missing / at the start of the download link might have caused problems for some: my apologies if this affected you)

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  1. Forrest Jerome

    i like this, but what defines Parent Index? it did not go to where i expected.

  2. It’s just a link to .. which basically means that when you click on it you will move one directory up on the web server. For example, I have a gallery of images from Cambridge, and it’s one directory down from the top of my web space: so when you click on ‘Parent INDEX’ it just removes the last directory, and goes to

    If I had another level in there, say then the ‘Parent INDEX’ link would just take the ‘indoors’ element of the name off, moving me up to

    It’s not ideal, but means that I can change the layout of my web site without having to modify a theme just for the new setup but bear in mind that you can have as many templates as you can be bothered to define, if you regularly use a variety of layouts. You can, of course, just open up the theme in a text editor and change the link to suit your site: if you’re not comfortable with this, or would like a detailed walkthrough then Ben Long has an excellent tutorial on Customising Aperture’s Web Templates.

    Hope that helps