front-focussing ? back-focussing ? how about doh-focussing ?

Really, this obsession with MTF charts is undoubtedly unhealthy for the wallet but it can also be so all-consuming it confuses solving the most obvious of problems. After getting annoyed with the auto-focus on the 350D and going back to the joys of a ‘proper’ manual lens (Zuiko 135mm with EOS<>OM adaptor) I had then become frustrated with the viewfinder: too small, too dark, too tunnel-like when compared to my aged OM-10 and plainly the cause of all my manual focus woes (being just that little bit wrong when viewed at 100%).

Or not. How about that tiny, tiny diopter wheel next to the viewfinder. Hmm, how about I actually try to find the centre zero setting ?




Now at least I know that I can put off a visit to the opticians for another year, and I really don’t have to go lusting after full frame D-SLR’s !

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  1. No no no no no! The fact your eyes seem to be working fine is a reason to lust after a full frame D-SLR, you’ll be able to appreciate tiny increases in quality all the more.

  2. I’m just going to tell everyone I’ve got a full-frame D-SLR already: it just has a built-in 1.6x teleconverter 🙂