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The Real UK Citizenship Test

A while ago, I noted that the initial UK Citizenship Test was a) hard and b) pointless – the recently proposed revision isn’t much better, but thankfully Twitter and genuine locals are on hand to offer:

The Real UK Citizenship Test

I can proudly state that I scored 10/10 on my first go, without cheating and reading the JavaScript… I am pleased that this test addresses much more fundamental and important questions for those looking to live here and attempting to understand the behaviour of the natives.

what the dickens ?

An extract from an email I’ve just received:

“As we are trying to have a carbon free Christmas this year…”

So, no Coal as a gift this year ?

Bah. Humbug.

ad to the bone – The Executive Coloring Book

ad to the bone – The Executive Coloring Book:

Via John Nack

spec writing for the PHB

Ok, so who thinks of Dilbert’s boss when reading this snippet from a product spec PDF:

Dimension 25mm x 115mm x 75mm (when laying flat);
115mm x 25mm x 75mm (standing up)

I really, really hope that was put in there after an inane comment in a meeting… If the writer was actually serious about that, then I fear for the future of all documentation: at the very least they could have included the size of the stand and made it a useful statement.


These last few weeks I’ve been rather distracted, thanks to a question from Duncan regarding lolcats, in particular linking to icanhascheezburger, which I can now say does run out of images. After 70 pages or more…

But wait ! Finished icanhascheezburger and feeling lost? You can has more !

No need to worry that you might actually be productive this week (or have any bandwidth allowance left from your ISP) because there are also Meme Cats (with over 600 images !) and loltrek to view, although the latter may forever mar your ability to watch Star Trek episodes without an accompanying grammatically incorrect MST3K voiceover.

wonderfully titled sales email

Following on from the misogynist email from Amazon, a rather more apposite one from iWorld:

Subject: FREE Noise Isolating Earphones for Fathers Day!

Doesn’t say which sort of noises they isolate against in particular, though.

Disneyland in China? – Japan Probe

Disneyland in China? – Japan Probe:

Classic quote:

“It’s not a mouse. It’s a cat with very big ears”

(via /.)

things that make me smile

Showbiz – News – ‘Spamalot’ team breaks coconut record – Digital Spy:

Could only have been better if it had been reported on a Monday morning.