The Real UK Citizenship Test

A while ago, I noted that the initial UK Citizenship Test was a) hard and b) pointless – the recently proposed revision isn’t much better, but thankfully Twitter and genuine locals are on hand to offer: The Real UK Citizenship Test I can proudly state that I scored 10/10 on my first go, without cheating …


spec writing for the PHB

Ok, so who thinks of Dilbert’s boss when reading this snippet from a product spec PDF: Dimension 25mm x 115mm x 75mm (when laying flat); 115mm x 25mm x 75mm (standing up) I really, really hope that was put in there after an inane comment in a meeting… If the writer was actually serious about …



These last few weeks I’ve been rather distracted, thanks to a question from Duncan regarding lolcats, in particular linking to icanhascheezburger, which I can now say does run out of images. After 70 pages or more… But wait ! Finished icanhascheezburger and feeling lost? You can has more ! No need to worry that you …


wonderfully titled sales email

Following on from the misogynist email from Amazon, a rather more apposite one from iWorld: From:…. Subject: FREE Noise Isolating Earphones for Fathers Day! Doesn’t say which sort of noises they isolate against in particular, though. by

things that make me smile

Showbiz – News – ‘Spamalot’ team breaks coconut record – Digital Spy: Could only have been better if it had been reported on a Monday morning. by

whomix – doctor who theme remixes

From Tim, who obviously thinks I need a distraction: whomix – doctor who theme remixes: What a lot of work – a few select examples also came with the link, with my favourite being the Nyman one: Nyman: 007: Flamenco: Morse: Piano: Cyberdisco: Ambient: by