Tony Hawks – The Official Website:

“As you can see, they are not the same person.

Tony Hawk is an American whizz kid skateboarding champion, whilst I am a startlingly good-looking British male model.”

Browsing his skatemail archive amused me no end:

“Tony u is my number 1 fan I love the sk8ing you rox I loved the 9000 wot u did when r u coming to wigan I want to see u demo in wigan soon can I have ur autograph?

I am not your number one fan and I’m certainly not coming to Wigan.”

If you’ve never tried to run a site that has even a brush with popularity (no, not this one: another one which imploded before the lawsuits could start flowing) then the astounding dumbness of these emails might be questioned, but I can believe that every poster too lazy to read the website did indeed intend to talk to the skater.

Via: TVScoop