aperture 2.1.4 hack

Tweak the Info.plist if required in order to remove or reduce the CPU MHz limit, and then open up /Applications/Aperture.app/Contents/MacOS/Aperture file in 0xED and jump to the offset 0x6f9a80 and change the text in right hand pane from performRequirementsCheck to performLicenceCheck and then add five hex 0x00 in the left hand pane to make the strings equal length.


  1. legit owner, but with a xxx flashed 4870 in a MacPro... June 16, 2010

    have tried the above ger around the performRequirementsCheck using full version of 3.0.3 to get a flashed XXX 4870 with 1GB to work.

    no go.

    any suggestions?

  2. ian June 17, 2010

    Sorry, no. I don’t have Aperture 3 because the demo was so buggy I refused to buy it until it worked properly. And that’s before I get onto the inconsistent UI, the US-centric maps interface and the bolted-on-as-an-after-thought Faces…


    All I can suggest is looking for the string throughout the program file, and if there is a .plist then do check there for requirements that can be changed.


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