does this mean i have to return my passport ?

Oh dear.

“You have failed the practice citizenship test.

Questions answered correctly: 13 out of 24 (54%)

Time taken: 02 minutes 46 seconds “

Life in the United Kingdom – The Official Practice Citizenship Test does say it should take up to 45 minutes, but it’s flawed in so many ways it’s a joke. There were about 5 questions that were on subjects that I would want applicants to know something about and the rest were culled from the reject pile of I Want To Be A Millionaire.

(via Scaryduck)


  1. Andrew August 12, 2009

    Snap, I got 13 as well. What a complete and utter pile of nonsense.

  2. Ben August 12, 2009

    What a bizarre collection of questions. Curiously I failed with the same score. 45 minutes is rather a long time, I’m pretty sure that it would be easily googleable in less than that.

  3. Wookey January 25, 2011

    I got 12 and I’m a civic spod. It requires a ridiculously detailed knowledge of things like school teaching days, population stats etc. That’s not citizenship knowledge. Presumably if one reads the study guide it’s not hard to regurgitate all the stuff in there come test time? (Which I see cost a fiver each even in PDF form – delightful!). Still, that’s the hardest multiple choice quiz I’ve ever taken – at least we can’t accuse them of making it too easy.

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