View Flickr Photos in Google Earth

View Flickr Photos in Google Earth:

Now that is a great timewaster, although given my new-found amazement at just how close Cairo and Luxor city boundaries are to the Great Pyramid and the Valley of the Kings, it’s also educational.

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  1. Educational? That’s stretching it about as far as it can be, isn’t it 😉

    I know this is going to count as heresy in these ‘ere parts, but for photo coverage in high resolution, Microsoft Virtual Earth has got Google Earth beaten, hands down. Google Earth seems to cover London and Ipswitch (:!:) as far as the UK is concerned. MS VE has decently high resolution images of all the places I’ve looked at so far, making no discrimination between major metropolitan areas and “countryside”.

    I know they are a convicted monopoly (since let off by G.W.), their APIs are so shoddy it’s painful to read the documentation, and the software does only what they want you to do with it. Dammit, though, all I want to do is look up my house, and all my relatives houses. MS VE lets me do that, Google Earth doesn’t.

  2. Educational ? Well, it was for me: I know that a picture is simply what the photographer wanted you to see, but I hadn’t realised that for most of the pyramid images I’ve seen it would have been impossible to use a wider lens without getting someone’s washing line or a golf course in shot. It probably shouldn’t have been such a surprise, as there had to be a good reason to build there in the first place, and so the modern day Cairo would have simply grown around the older structures.

    As far as ‘I can see my house from here’ goes (unless I’m missing something big) MSVE has one huge drawback for me in that I don’t have anything to run it on, but then that’s a personal choice and not anything to do with the program. Is there anything equivalent to that utilises the MSVE engine ? (Google Earth beats Google Maps, so I wouldn’t expect an online MSVE engine to be as good as the app)