BBC NEWS | Business | Luggage ‘ban’ for Ryanair flyers:

I can imagine their boardroom chats now: “If only we could ban those wretched customers, we wouldn’t need the crew or the planes and we could make a killing in airport taxes alone !”

Failing that, simply ensuring that there are plenty of clothing and toiletry stores next to each RyanAir arrivals door (rent free in return for a profit share ?) I’m sure it’ll all work out for the best.

Of course, the sooner we all get drugged and loaded into Tokyo-hotel style ‘coffins’ [1] the better. No more annoying people to kick the seat from behind and the huge benefit of making 24-hour flights seem to take 5 minutes. Bliss.

[1] (Yup, stolen from The Fifth Element, and a damn fine idea it is too)