I gave in on Saturday and got a G3 with 256MB CF card from Digital Depot. What a very nice camera 🙂

No real gallery to speak of – just rubbish I’ve been messing with, but with the amount of camera control available on this model, there’s going to be a lot of that before I’m done ! Yes, I realise that the G5 was announced earlier in the week, but there’s no real difference for me (ok, so making it look more like an SLR is nice, but about as useful to me as the added Sport mode), and the price on the G3 has dropped considerably in the three weeks prior to this.

Ok, ok. I just wanted more than the 1.3MP we currently have (Olympus C920Z/D450Z), and it seemed silly not to get one for summer. It does look like the Canon filter/lens adaptor is a bit silly, as the LensMate looks a far nicer item, and takes smaller filters, so doesn’t look as ungainly. I only have 37 or 49mm filters, so it’s no biggie (thanks for the lingo, Joss !) for me to go to 52 rather than 58.

The online gallery that Canon offer 100MB of storage with is a total joke, though – there’s no URL I can give out. Instead, I have to email every person that I want to share pictures with, and the system generates a unique URL so I can track when and how often they visit, but as a result the URL is long and totally impossible to repeat down a telephone to anyone but the most ardent tech-head. Too many features, Canon. This from someone who bought the G3 rather than the S50 just because of the number of features it provided, too…