LED cycle lights

First pass 12V lighting system for my bike: front is a 15W 3 LED DRL cluster, and the rear is four strips of silicon dipped 12V LED’s with a common 12V 3Ah battery pack under the saddle.

Things still to do: improve the wiring so it’s waterproof (!) and also find out how long the battery pack lasts, as well as investigating the white LED strips for front running lights (town visibility, rather than out-of-town road coverage).

I’m also seriously considering removing a rear strip, or making the centre two run off a 1Hz flash circuit, as a quick test last night showed that the front was about the same as my 270lm Cree, but with a better edge-to-edge falloff whilst the rear was getting on for car fog light brightness, which is a little more anti-social than I was aiming for.



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