take a colour IQ test

Wow – this is actually quite hard, especially during the first cup of coffee on a morning:

Take the test

For the record, I scored 10, where zero was the best for my age range (sob !) but the worst a rather startling 1464. I can’ t even blame my monitor colour depth, although it might be an excuse for a calibration device… Hmm…

(From The-Digital-Picture.com)

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  1. Also a ten, and interestingly the areas of low discrimination are exactly where I’d expect for this (MVA or PVA, can’t remember) panel (given its gamut and off axis viewing properties), and where I was rushing to finish the fourth test.

    If I tried it on my work monitor I reckon I’d fail hideously, and I’d really like to try it on a properly calibrated S-IPS panel.

  2. Louise Jamson

    I got a perfect score on both my MacBook Air and iMac