Recently I’ve been having some fun with Rapidweaver and have used it to create a web site for Marble Hill Dance Studio which is run by Abigail Cova and is based in St. Margaret’s, London. The main theme was a stock item with customised colours and extended background motifs, but in the end the logo placement and fade turned out to be real issues and so the front page is hand-customised.

Recent enhancements in RW4 do mean that JavaScript email link obfuscation is now native (although common LHS addresses will still be open to dictionary attacks) and the use of standard Hn tags could be improved on the Styled Text pages, but I’m still very happy with the ease of design, style mods and overall usage. The most obvious room for improvement is the number of features the Flash slideshow has that simply aren’t options – the tool manual shows off the true power and so again a post-export tweak to the XML file allows the name of the image to stay on screen even if the mouse isn’t over the image itself.