I had been wondering why I don’t seem to be drawn to photography magazines very much – I had assumed that sites like {Flickr} had quenched my desire to look at other people’s images, and unless I had a large amount of spare money, equipment reviews tend to loose their appeal after a while.

Then I read this:

Do Sensors “Outresolve” Lenses?: http://luminous-landscape.com/tutorials/resolution.shtml


It’s got about as much to do with photography as metallurgy has to do with driving a car: engine blocks aren’t often the subject of much thought when going on holiday, but go and talk to an F1 designer for a while and it’ll soon become apparent that what you do with the car and how you build the engine matter. Lots. In other words it’s a great read for an Engineer with some really interesting figures and maths that I’m going to have to go back and re-read a couple of times, and it may actually influence future lens and camera buying decisions.

But it tells you nothing about how to take a great portrait.