Update: 09mar08 Ok, fixed. Not sure when this changed, but each city now has its own registration link.

I had been going to let this pass, but seeing as there’s no change after three days I think it needs to be at least pointed out…

{Apple} have announced an Aperture World Tour to show off {Aperture} 2 worldwide. Excellent: they include London, so I’ll click on the Reserve Your Seat link and I’ll book one for myself…


Hang on.

Check those dates.

Recheck the locations.

Recheck the reservations list.

Yup – only US cities are listed for reservations: there’s not even a hint that Milan, London, Moscow, Sydney, Hong Kong or Singapore even have events.

Yes, I can understand that the booking for those might be handled in a different fashion: there’s only one in each country so it’s not the same as the US set, but to not even have a list of what non-US users might have to do to get a place is a little rough. Maybe I should just switch to decaf and not take it personally, but it just smacks of the whole World Series attitude which is not what I would have expected of Apple.