Apple – iPhone UK on O2 – Macworld UK:

Alluding to the decision to make market moves with O2, Jobs said: “We wanted to know a few partners and find the one most compatible with us, so we dated lots of other carriers, but decided to marry O2. There’s a few upset girlfriends out there.”

LOL – is it just me, or does that conjour up a very carefully rehearsed analogy straight out of the Scott Adams/Derren Brown school of public
speaking ? I doubt I’d have heard his answer to the next question as I’d already have visions of the next JoT, with a scene in a prison cell with O2 as the, erm, ‘lower bunkmate’ and Jobs saying:

“Who’s your Daddy ?”

Or anything with Beeaatch in it.


I wonder if O2 are starting to wonder about who they’ve done business with ?