Suffolk Restaurants – The Round House Restaurant:

Found at the side of the A12 on Saturday quite by accident whilst camping near the Suffolk coast with friends, where I had an excellent lunch, was impressed with the tone of the menu and the attitude of the staff and the only possible point to note is that the dishes are described in almost too plain a fashion (but taste absolutely amazing).

I had the chicken and ham in a mushroom sauce (not on the current menu), but I may as well describe London has a large city with a fair bit of traffic and red busses. Accurate, but not really conveying much feeling. My dessert (chocolate rum truffle with white chocolate sauce) was another great dish: the sauce was beautifully vanilla flavoured, and the truffle wasn’t sickly sweet.

I don’t usually bother rating restaurants or food, but this is the first time that the food, staff, attitude and prices (two courses and coffee for £14.50) all met and got on brilliantly.