After far too long leaving my gallery languishing, it’s now been reborn in a very bare fashion: using (at the moment) {Lightroom} to caption and edit, and the rather simple to config JAlbum to build the images I have knocked up a mostly CSS (yes, the tables will be going) design that apes the Stock theme from {Aperture}. Why ? Because it shows the images as the main focus of interest. Yes, the text is grey on a grey background, but it’s only there for the insatiably curious. I do aim to have more than one category up there eventually, but the change is refreshing and will encourage me to add more images.

Speaking of which, the reason that there are f:0 apertures listed is that the lens was either a full manual (ie: Contax or Zuiko) one with an adaptor ring, or it was taken with a reversing ring, so again there was no communication with the lens firmware. If it was reversed, then it was probably f5.6 or f8.