LOW MORALE ::: Presents Radiohead Music Video – CREEP

LOW MORALE ::: Presents Radiohead Music Video – CREEP: http://www.lowmorale.co.uk/creep/




Now that animation was so well conceived and executed it actually made me forget that it was Flash, and totally blew away more recent work I’ve seen on TV in odd spots (mainly BBC3 and C4) – it was back to the days when bizarre Canadian stuff made its way onto a regular BBC2 spot, back when BBC2 was the place you went to get away from sports coverage…

Of course, I’m now going to have to go and devour the entire web site in some Flash based frenzy of discovery, but my CPU fan has been idle for too long so it could probably use the exercise.

(apologies for anyone who came here from my email about the ‘post before last’ and has found it’s now the ‘post before the post before last’, but it was wandering through Marcus‘ archives and then messing about on Dan‘s site that did this.

So it’s your fault.

Thank you !)

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  1. tammy keever


  2. ricardo Pajares

    deseo el codigo de la cancion creep de radiohead

  3. I don’t know, but this might help / No sé, pero esto pudo ayudar:


    (Translation provided by Babelfish)