3 years and it’s still not quite right… Still, it’s better than before, and even has some more recent stuff but none of it has been retouched in quite the manner I want (no colour balancing, no careful cropping, no RAW highlight checking, no careful smoothing/sharpening, etc.), not to mention I’m falling out of love with the whole geographical nature of the albums.

However, the colours match those of this site a little better and I’ve got the hang of how the whole thing is set up (thanks to RapidWeaver) so it ought to be so little effort to keep it up-to-date when I do finally get some edits I’m happy with that they’ll actually make it off my drive and online. Probably starting next March or so. Maybe.

Anyway, new updates to the gallery will be left to the RSS feed on that site unless I’m very happy with the picture.