booting darwin 8.0.1 on a b&w g3 350

I’ve had quite a problem getting Darwin 8.0.1 to boot on my B&W – holding down the C key doesn’t work, and so that is pretty much it as there are no other instructions… Now I have been messing around with the OpenFirmware settings quite a bit so may have stuffed up some invisible extra, but that’s because I feel comfortable with Sun’s OpenBoot (and so have half a clue and am more therefore more dangerous to myself) and like to tell the firmware what I think of it. Regularly.

Having a spare Mac to hand helps here, as coming from a non-Mac background the whole bless thing is alien to me, but running bless -info on the Darwin CD was very helpful indeed: you can force the boot to take place from the ok prompt with:

boot cd:,\System\Library\CoreServices\BootX

There. That was obvious, wasn’t it ? Still, given that this is Darwin and not OpenDarwin things get complex after this point, but that’s the fun of messing around with it.

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