22nd January 2005

Another new Mac to win over Windows switchers

The new Mac Shuffle features key aspects of the Windows user experience to make ‘switchers’ feel right at home.

The Shuffle feature randomly puts all your documents in a different place every time. Did I save it in My Documents? Or My Pictures? Or the desktop? Or the relevant bit of the Program Files folder? Or up the arse?

Shuffle also kicks in whenever you install software, putting DLLs and registry keys in lots of exciting random locations so that you can never ever successfully uninstall.

Apple is also believed to be working on the ePod, an educational version of the iPod which only plays music featured in the National Curriculum – all the Mozart you can handle but no gangsta rap. The Power Pod completes the line up. Its dual processors can play two songs at once, and with the power of the G5 chip, a song that previously took 3 minutes to finish can now be played in half the time!

(By Richard – Thanks Ben)