Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division – dihydrogen monoxide info

Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division – dihydrogen monoxide
info: http://www.dhmo.org/

This is a seriously dangerous chemical, and questions need to be asked of your local politcal candidate as to why there isn’t tighter legislation on the availability of it.

For those interpid souls who are brave enough to experiment with it in your own home, do take care to read the appropriate datasheets concerning warnings and handling information:


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Domain Name: DHMO.ORG
Created On: 02-Jul-1999 19: 18: 54 UTC)

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  1. anne golus

    i’m glad i learned about DHMO, it’s very harmful:sad:

  2. I think that DHMO is very harmful to everyone in the world and I can’t believe that they put that stuff in are food products and oven cleaner. I think that is enough stuff in the world now that is very harmful they dont have to add another one. Not to be mean but how domb is that:!::?:sad: