Why this doesn’t get more publicity (or even merged with the original jhead source) I’ll never know. If you have jhead and want to know more about your Canon images, grab the diff from Jarkko Turkulainen.

After spending a couple of hours munging bits in myself, I resorted to Google to try and speed things up, and instead found mention of a jhead patch in Jarkko Turkulainen‘s mpkg photo gallery script.

Of course, I grabbed the 1.3 version first, but instead of fixing it I did the sane thing and looked at the top of the site, and he’d already created the diff for 2.0 🙂

Wonderful – Thank you Jarkko ! I can now grab the ISO rating of my images. Why Canon chose to hide them is anyone’s guess, but it’s very annoying. I must moan at Apple at some point as they claim that iPhoto is compatible with the G3, and yet *that* can’t get the ISO rating of a G3 image. Mutter, mumble…