I got sent a link to this article which discusses the usage of Windows at Sun. I just had to pass comment…
(Sorry Douglas).

Reads like an account of Windows Users Anonymous: ‘My name’s Stan, and I only used Windows three time last week’.

RedHat. Sheesh. The distro that is so up-it’s-own-IPO that it thinks the BSD licence is evil and needs to be eradicated. Get a real laptop that supports plugins: go and buy an OS X machine 🙂

I’m starting to think that certain businesses are the same, no matter what they do: CEO’s do the same thing irrespective of the products that a company sells, and so, like the Earth turning, Accounts will always use Excel, and Managers/HR will always turn to Word in order to turn a simple 1.5Kb missive into a 63Kb macro-virus infested font-use-from-hell e-mail.

So stopping commercial use of Windows simply requires that we fire off a third of our population on a very large spaceship. Perhaps, calling it an Ark, and declaring to the lucky chosen few that there are plenty of planets out there without any decent employment representation, and even (gasp) whole societies who have never seen a speadsheet, or a joke email sent in PowerPoint format…

I would suggest, though, that the Telephone Sanitisers remain behind.