movie linkage

I saw The Faculty last night, and quite enjoyed it – especially imdb spotting actors and previous roles. There’s also a link between Terminator 2, and no, it’s not simply Robert Patrick

There’s a character in The Faculty called Prof. Edward Furlong. In T2, John Connor is played by the actor Edward Furlong. That’s a better link, isn’t it ?

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  1. More important than the tenuous T2 link is that the film is directed by Robert Rodriguez, he of From Dusk till Dawn and Desperado fame. If you like foreign language films, El Mariachi (the orginal Desperado) is worth a look too.

    The Faculty does have, in my book, all the hallmark Rodriguez bits.

    Top film.

  2. Yeah, Dusk ’till Dawn… Possibly the first time I’ve not objected to being taken to a George Clooney film 🙂