More Greymatter screwiness

The archives are hosed 🙁

The link has been removed from the homepage, but of course clicking on ‘more’ for any extended entry will bring it right back up again (obvious if you’ve configed GM, otherwise trust me – you don’t need to know). This isn’t great news, as I’m only up to 26 items or so, and coupled with the fact that I still can’t get the older January 1999 page to build, I’ve decided to dump gm. I’ve looked on the forums, and there are people there who have both of my problems, but the answer isn’t obvious. I’ve tried perl -w, and that does show that the code dies in an infinite loop, plus the dates are lost for all older entries, and most of all I simply don’t need comment posting or karma – this site is pretty much a backwater, so all I want to do is provide some info.

Looking around, b2 looks pretty interesting (PHP/MySQL) so I’ll see if that does what I want. There’s no need to use plaintext and perl as I do control the server, and it does make more sense to put daat into a database…

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