Well, things are working on the new URL, but NetBSD just doesn’t seem right for me just yet (sob).

The change over from to [www.] went ok with just the expected config edits plus a cname for my local dns. The testing of NetBSD was a little more fraught (check the uptime log), but it all boiled down to using a too recent version of Linux to format the ext2 partition…

The 500MB drive I started with was already formatted, and hence worked just fine – the 13GB one was built from scratch, and eventually I bodged two drives onto the Qube and hoped the psu didn’t overload. I then used the 500MB to boot into NetBSD, and then use the ext2tools (can’t recall the proper name of the pkg) to format the boot partition without any extra flags (all linked to from the cobalt faq page).

All went swimmingly, and the system was behaving very well indeed, until I tried to find a database – MySQL isn’t fully supported due to the MIT threads package not working, and PostgreSQL doesn’t build as the locking appears to be broken – unfortunately I can’t tell if it’s due to the version of the CPU I have not supporting the instruction, or of the compiler isn’t happy…

Until I learn more about MIPS (and so try to fix things), I can’t really go for NetBSD, as 1.6 is getting closer, and this load isn’t totally broken yet.

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