Finished adding a correctly dynamic last modification entry to each page. Might be time to think about taking this site live at

I had just wanted to use the SSI flastmod directive, but that’s no good for the number of files I have in this dynamic site – I couldn’t see any easy way to pass in the file that is being ‘seen’ (ie: the centre bit) as the SSI simply wants a filename. The kludgy way around it for now is to set a private variable and then get the footerfile to pull in a small (one line) PHP script to grab the data that flastmod would.

The boring part was adding the extra line to each of the files that the site has so far… I think that I’ve got the archive section sorted, but it might be that the flastmod is for the main index page rather than each month, but as they might all get updated at the same time, it shouldn’t matter. Must check into that.