Over 20,000 lines of logs added from the old data on this system. None of the previous web server info is available, but then who wants to see 2,000+ CodeRed hits ?

Most of the data is in – there were over 26,000 entries at one point, but I’ve pulled a lot of the rubbish. I’ll be trimming the stuff in there from time to time anyway, and just keeping some of the more interesting stats. I’ll try to add a counter to each of the camilla stb pages for example, and populate it with the data from here to try and give a feel for the most viewed image.

Been battling with the Radio Times Palm software, and decided it’s all total rubbish – doesn’t trigger any IR input on my TV, there’s advertising on the subscription product (like the screen size can afford that), plus it’s too slow to use and the screen is simply too small. Pity, ‘cos I loved the idea of beating a Philips Pronto with a cheapo Palm 🙂

Seems like my Dazzle problems might also have an easy solution – provide a PAL signal source to the input before the DV bridge is powered. Have so far had a 100% success rate with this, which make me a lot happier.