Do you have iOS 14 ? Has your home WiFi become unstable ?

No, it may not be you – look in Settings -> WiFi -> (your SSID) at the state of the Private Address toggle. If it’s on, then turn it off.

You’ll get warnings about making your device less secure, but the way this security works is by changing the MAC address of your iOS device each time it connects to the WiFi base station, so if you have multiple emitters (ie: a mesh, or perhaps even a few extenders), then when the device switches it will change MAC.

Most home systems will use the MAC address as a definitive, world-unique and unchanging identifier (hence randomising the number will improve your privacy), but it is also used to keep track of your local TCP/IP address issued by DHCP, so every time the MAC changes, your home network thinks another new device has logged on to your WiFi.

This seems to upset some home systems (two directly confirmed cases with different routers that I personally know of), so it may be worth disabling this setting for your trusted home network(s) and seeing if that helps stabilise the connection on the iOS device.