My 21 month old {X100} had been causing me problems since the end of 2012: I just couldn’t seem to master the metering and assumed that I had more to learn about how the camera behaves, but when I reviewed images from a recent from to London, particularly this one on the Embankment, it was obvious that it had developed the Sticky Aperture Blade problem.

Part of the reason it took me so long to discover this is that I naturally prefer to stay at the f2.0/f2.8 end of the aperture range and shoot in RAW, so consequently tweaked the exposures on the computer and thought little of the slight variance in brightness.

After filling in an online return form and emailing Fuji UK, I received a pre-paid padded box to return my {X100} in, and 7 days (5 working days) later I have in my hands a fully functioning {X100}, with an apology from Fuji for the fact I had to send it to them !

So thank you very much Fuji UK for the superb out-of-warranty fix: I’m off to prove to myself I understand how to expose pictures again 🙂