I’ve got a new favourite – it’s s slightly modified version of the Orange loaf from page 25 and smells amazing once made. I’m not sure what I might put on it, as half the loaf had to be ‘tested’ whilst hot, and was great just by itself. Place the ingredients in the pan according to the manual; the cranberries into the raisin/nut dispenser, and then set for a 4hr basic raisin bake.

300g Brown strong flour
200g White strong flour
1tsp Yeast
1tbsp Sugar
1 1/2 tsp Salt
15ml Virgin Olive oil
Grated rind of one whole Orange
120ml Orange juice
150ml Semi-skimmed milk
70ml Water
100g Cranberries

The milk was semi-skimmed because that’s simply what happened to be in the fridge and I’ve found that dropping the dried milk powder and using fresh milk does alter the smell of the loaf more than the taste (thanks for pointing this out Mum, and thanks for Carson for the water suggestion). In this case, I think that I lost about half the rind anyway due to not having a very good grater so that’s something to improve next time, and watch out when removing the loaf from the tin, as the cranberries do tend to shoot off and are rather hot at that point…