Copy Your Digital Photos Onto Film – PhotographyBLOG

Copy Your Digital Photos Onto Film – PhotographyBLOG:

Not as retrograde as some of the commenters might like to think: at least properly stored film has a proven real life of over 100 years, which is more than can be said for ‘accelerated aging’ lifetime figures from over-enthusiastic marketing departments who think that UV is the only ageing process (ie: ignoring CD/DVD substrate eating mould).

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  1. Don’t you remember working on a printer that did this sort of thing (maybe at a reduced resolution) years ago at ITD? Whacking great thing, used GPIB communications. This isn’t news, it’s olds 🙂

  2. Oh yes – I wish I had access to some of those devices now I have some decent images to put through them, even if the printers are 10 years behind the times now.

    The 11MP bit is new, and certainly I’ve not seen anyone offering this commercially before now although at €50 a pop it’s not exactly cheap. Also, now that I’ve had chance to wake up a little I’m wondering how different this is in terms of archival compared with Photobox and their Fuji Crystal Archive method where photo paper is exposed by R, G and B laser scanning.