The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Online Infocom Adventure

BBC – Radio 4 – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Play the adventure online:

Oh dear – this could be the biggest waste of my time in quite a while (and makes me glad I no longer pay by the minute for my connection), but it does satisfy one of my mild musings about my game playing ability and 80’s computer adventures: I’m totally rubbish at them, and they are harder than lots of todays games. Here I was thinking I was getting ready for Tartan Slippers, and all the time it’s simply because the original writers were of that annoying breed of people who consider The Times’ crossword puzzle a mild distraction whilst waiting for the kettle to boil first thing on the morning.

Before they’ve had a coffee.

Or in this case, a nice cup of tea.

For the record, I can’t do crossword puzzles.

Or make a decent cup of tea.

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  1. They are *way* harder than any games currently released. I’ve managed to get out of bed, put the dressing gown on and get out the house, but Ford buggers off too quickly and I’m bulldozer fodder 👿

    But thanks for pointing it out – it’s going to kill more time than other games I’m currently playing 🙂