short HHGTTG review

Short film review:

No spoliers in the short version but linked to a longer one with spoilage, both from MJ Simpson who seems to know a thing or two about DNA, as his short CV/Bio shows:

Oh dear.

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  1. Oh dear indeed…

    It does seem like a bit of a shame, but these previews are pretty much for the studios to judge responses to the film; hopefully they’ll have sorted some of it out, as MJS acknowleges. Admittedly, some of it sounds irretrievable; for instance whole swathes of dialogue not present and jokes/lines not there at all – you can’t have HHGTTG without a Pan-galactic Gargle blaster 😯

    I’m pretty disappointed with the whole thing; this was a film I was particularly looking forward to and it sounds (on a sample of one review) that it’s been ruined. Maybe I’ll get it out when it comes to DVD just so I’ve given it a chance.

    Hey ho.