This recipe works well for both normal (5hr) Whole Wheat and rapid (3hr) baking:

400g Hovis Granary flour
1 tbsp Milk powder
1 tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Allinsons Easy Bake Yeast for 5hr bake OR
3/4 tsp Allinsons Easy Bake Yeast for 3hr bake
15ml Virgin Olive oil
275ml Warm water

The original recipe (p. 29) only mentions the 5hr variant but the extra yeast makes a nice 3hr nutty loaf. I tend to prefer the Allinsons packet yeast as it has some added vitamin C which helps relucant loaves to rise (be careful that the packet states it is good for bread machines: Allinsons also do a second type of packet that needs to be mixed with water and left for a while before cooking. That sort of yeast is only good for handmade bread).