Pantone to RGB Colour Conversion

Pantone to RGB Colour Conversion:

Very helpful.

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  1. Jamie Colyn

    I like it! It helped quite a bit……..:smile:

  2. Thank you! Very helpful and a well-presented format.

  3. 😈
    Bad news…I just vistited the site and there is a notice that Pantone forced him to remove the conversion pages.

  4. Oh, that’s helpful. To be fair, Pantone do offer a Java based program, but I can’t find it via their own site search, and it appears to be only for metallic colours

    At the risk of this vanishing, I have found an alternative, but if the first was removed because all their colours are trademarks (and RGB values don’t represent a 100% accurate conversion) then I expect it’ll be taken down eventually.

    Thanks for the update Mike.