After a very prelonged absence, the {gallery} is back again, although much, much smaller than before.

There’s only one album in there at the moment, and even that is very likely to change – I’m not 100% on the names of the content of a couple of the creatures (or placenames for that matter) and I haven’t spent any real effort getting the colour balance or composition totally accurate.

The biggest difference is that the album is no longer dynamic and full of lousy photographs – everything that goes up has been added by hand because it was liked for some reason. If you hate an image, then I can no longer plead that it’s a warts ‘n’ all collection of images…

The feel of the site is also carried over from this one and the images are free for non-profit use as long as the photographer is credited. For-profit use (and full resolution images) are also available, but as I doubt anyone’s really bothered you’ll need to get in touch to talk about it.