linux/hauppauge wintv

Hah. What a waste of time.

Ok, that might sound a little harsh, but this was a few years ago – things have now improved to the point where you can get a vi workalike video editor…

The main problem with Linux is the plethora of devices and drivers and other obscure kernel options. Trying out binary releases of Broadcast 2000 nearly drove me dotty, and it was mostly this experience which made be look harder at the *BSD’s in terms of day to day operation. Latency ? Don’t even utter the word (not that Redmond do either, of course…)

After reading about what I needed to do to {Windows 98} to ensure a clean capture it’s just as well I didn’t get very far – just sit for a moment and imagine the number of programs that a typical installation will run when it deems fit, and no: killing off cron doesn’t solve them all.