I knew I wasn’t a blogger at heart ! There’ve been too many things to do recently, and so talking to myself has been pushed down the list somewhat. I do have some new piccies from California in the gallery, though.

Nicci is pregnant again, and has been suffering from the same extreme morning sickness (Hyperemesis [sp?]) as with Emma. This has left little time for things like getting b2 sorted, and since GM has no archives on my system it didn’t seem worth adding anything. The newcomer is called Pootle (for now), and does have a few pages already.

The NetBSD has been put on a back-burner too, and things like the recent exploits have kept me busy patching the current (rather creaky) setup even more. I had hoped to be able to catch up with a raft of trival stuff whilst I am out in California as the hotel (The Cypress – De Anza, Cupertino) boasted a T1 with a data port in every room. Hah. No T1 access (no link on the RJ45 connector). The staff kept trying to get me to use my modem, and failed to understand the problem. Emailing the hotel from work has produced zero response. They now have a printed notice that the T1 is unavailable, and there is no estimated repair date. The staff took 30 minutes this morning to deliver three breakfasts to our table, none of which required cooking. The only parking is valet, and the food is amazingly over-priced, although the idea of $20 per shot of Glenlivet just makes me crack up.