Removed the “cobalt” logging, and brought in over 3,000 old entries. Got fed up with Perl and it’s sodding versioning requirements.

Found that has a link to which seems to be ignored by Apache when it comes to by VirtualHost directive, and so it gets bumped to /cobalt/ as it thinks it’s part of the root site. This could be the source of the apparent hacks, so I’ve removed that logging page until I can get my wildcard DNS sorted.

Got a decent-ish perl script to go through old data, but once I put the mod_gzip loggin in place, it all falls over again 🙁 The 3,077 lines that have gone in are yet to be pruned – I will be removing all LAN access, for example as the older data is merely amusing when it comes to hack attempts.

Tried to get around the import to mysql issues (file too big for the web form) by looking at the DBI module. What a surprise, the version of perl on the machine is too old. Given the absolute nightmare that I had trying to go to a more recent perl I think I’ll leave it and rely on multi-megabyte files an the mysql command line utilities.

Now, why is the extra data mucking up my import…