Hmm, this surely can’t be right. Added a new CNAME at my DNS provider, created a new virtual host directory on the web server, HUP’ed the service and copied the Greymatter files into the right places. A quick tour of the Configuration screen later, and it all seems to be working !

Not sure about blogging, but if it takes me away from the point of unreasonable obsession with my new (ok, 2nd/3rd hand) G4 400 Mac then I suppose it’s a good thing. Good now that I’ve found that I need to bully iMovie 2.1.1 into PAL in a new and undocumented way, only to find that DV AVI files are not the same as Quicktime DV files according to iMovie… Sigh… There’s always Quicktime Pro as an alternative, but I’ve also found a few Windows apps that ought to be able to help, as long as the MainConcept DV codec creates the sort of data that Quicktime likes – I guess we’ll see tonight !