the anti-bandwidth waster

Dr Fun: Of course, one look at a Dr Fun and you just have to browse the archive, so anti-bandwidth wasters should not click on the link… by

BBC NEWS | UK | Cold winter due, says forecaster

BBC NEWS | UK | Cold winter due, says forecaster: Usual pro vs. not-pro (ie: anyone not the Met Office) spat, but with an absolutely stunning statement from the Met Office: When asked what the Met Office forecast could be for winter, he said: “We expect temperatures to drop in winter”. Superb. by

BBspot – Which OS Are You?

BBspot – Which OS Are You?: Apparently, I’m Apple DOS 3.1, which confuses me no end. Oddly, that’s often the effect I have on other people when I try to explain things and get over-enthusiastic… Which OS are You? by

god vs. bush Another link from Duncan – I was going to pass this off as being as loony as numerology, but now I’m starting to wonder… by

making ms word more annoying

Waiting for my coffee to brew, I had a great idea: how to add in a new feature to Word that would be more annoying than Clippy ! (that’s great as in “I don’t use Word so I can laugh at those who must”…) How about a Bumble Bee (called Bumbly, of course) that looks …