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the real cost of virii… …exposed !

BBC NEWS | Technology | Windows worm travels with Tetris:

“The virus does no damage to machines but heavily infected networks could slow down as scanning traffic builds. Productivity may suffer too if users spend time playing Tetris.”

Finally, all those ‘cost industry 1bn’ claims might be justified…

(Thanks Ben – just a bit late in posting !)

Peter’s Evil Overlord List

Peter’s Evil Overlord List:

Looks like I’m even later than Wez in discovering this (8 years, but who’s counting ?) but it’s well worth remembering.

For when you are about to take over the world with your eveil scheme, of course.

Oh My God It Burns!

Oh My God It Burns!: – Practical Applications of the Philosopher’s stone. For drunks.

Now this looks fun to try and replicate – it’s vital (in the interests of good science) that brands on sale a few throusand miles from the first experiment are checked to ensure the accuracy of the original methodology.

the anti-bandwidth waster

Dr Fun:

Of course, one look at a Dr Fun and you just have to browse the archive, so anti-bandwidth wasters should not click on the link…

uh oh, the secret’s out…


Oh dear – the Temple of Jobs is no longer a secret society ! The hidden message has been decoded…

Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division – dihydrogen monoxide info

Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division – dihydrogen monoxide

This is a seriously dangerous chemical, and questions need to be asked of your local politcal candidate as to why there isn’t tighter legislation on the availability of it.

For those interpid souls who are brave enough to experiment with it in your own home, do take care to read the appropriate datasheets concerning warnings and handling information:

(What do you mean, I’m slow ?
Domain ID: D7689944-LROR
Domain Name: DHMO.ORG
Created On: 02-Jul-1999 19: 18: 54 UTC)

BBC NEWS | UK | Cold winter due, says forecaster

BBC NEWS | UK | Cold winter due, says forecaster:

Usual pro vs. not-pro (ie: anyone not the Met Office) spat, but with an absolutely stunning statement from the Met Office:

When asked what the Met Office forecast could be for winter, he said: “We expect temperatures to drop in winter”.


BBspot – Which OS Are You?

BBspot – Which OS Are You?:

Apparently, I’m Apple DOS 3.1, which confuses me no end. Oddly, that’s often the effect I have on other people when I try to explain things and get over-enthusiastic…

You are Apple Dos. Simple and primitive with a good understanding of the common man.  You're still a work in progress, but a good start.
Which OS are You?