Are you in need of a low-level software engineer with over 12 years of commercial experience ? One that is happy to play around with JTAG probes and softcore CPU designs debugging unproven bitfiles ? One that can utilise logic analysers, oscilloscopes, multimeter’s, GPIO/LED’s and serial ports on first spin hardware when there’s no debug port available ? Has programmed in many types of assembly language (MIPS, SPARC, ARM, 6502, Z80), as well as the ‘usual’ Unix stuff (C/awk/sed/perl/sh) and has backend web programming (perl/PHP/MySQL) and performance tuning experience ? Also able to sysadmin, program/modify telephone exchanges (ISDN/POTS and with a smattering of VoIP too), read and debug board designs from circuit diagrams and translate software requirements into a language that hardware engineers can understand ?

If so, then drop me an email ([email protected] this domain name), or take a look at my slightly more verbose CV – I’m happy to answer any questions by email or phone. My current employer is closing their office in this country at the end of March and so I’m looking for something close to Cambridge in the UK, preferably starting in early April.