aperture 1.5.6 hack

Now I haven’t actually got around to trying find these myself: 1.5.4 was working just fine for me and I couldn’t see anything that the 1.5.6 update would give me until I get OS X 10.5 (and that’s not likely until Aperture is properly supported there[1]) but others have found this information and posted them in the old 1.5.2 and 1.5.4 threads, so I thought it would be helpful to make a more {Google} friendly URL.

All of the credit for these values goes to Thao Nguyen and Paul (I can verify that only the first of Thao’s values is required for my dual 867MHz MDD as it has a hacked Radeon 9800 and 2GB of RAM so the video check and plist mods aren’t required).

Thao suggests:

0xbf08: 40 9E 00 88 –> 48 00 00 88
0xbfa4: 40 9E 00 88 –> 48 00 00 88
0xc0a4: 40 9E 00 6C –> 48 00 00 64

Paul suggests:

0xbf08: 40 9E 00 88 -> 48 00 00 80
0xbfa4: 40 9E 00 88 -> 48 00 00 80

Of course, having applied the change I now feel that 1.5.6 is faster than 1.5.4, but I can’t say how much of that is down to the usual problem of “newer must be better”…

[1] Hint, hint, Apple: stop making the Aperture library a 3rd-class citizen compared to iPhoto, and give us the full Time Machine whizziness too please. Feel free to make this part of Aperture 2 (including vignetting), of course !

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  1. yes, 0xbfa4 works for my ATI Mobility Radeon 9200.
    but, i got problem with aperture main window display, and the application can’t open the import window…

    2007-12-08 12:57:32.487 Aperture[144:10b] _NSAddDragRectsToWindow is obsolete. Please use _NSAddRectsToWindow
    2007-12-08 12:57:36.671 Aperture[144:6f03] *** Assertion failure in -[_NSDisplayOperationStack setRectSetBeingDrawn:forView:], /SourceCache/AppKit/AppKit-949/AppKit.subproj/NSDisplayOperationStack.m:129
    2007-12-08 12:57:38.240 Aperture[144:6f03] Exception Exception in Aperture: _NSDisplayOperationStack is empty

    2007-12-08 12:57:45.577 Aperture[144:10b] *** -[ProThemeImageSource frame]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x8b32820
    2007-12-08 12:57:47.616 Aperture[144:10b] *** NSRunLoop ignoring exception ‘Exception in Aperture: *** -[ProThemeImageSource frame]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x8b32820

    2007-12-08 13:00:22.354 Aperture[144:10b] *** -[NSProBrowser _compat_continuousScrollingCapable]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0xb4cedc0
    2007-12-08 13:00:23.241 Aperture[144:10b] Main Thread Exception in Aperture: *** -[NSProBrowser _compat_continuousScrollingCapable]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0xb4cedc0

  2. Thanks!. Hardware requirement are removed for me, but not the GPU requirements. I have a G4 tower with a 9800 Pro. I’ve tried both sets of changes.

  3. Hello,
    amy idea how to bypass checks in Aperture 2.0? I’ve tried finding same # @ different addresses, but it hasn’t worked. Probably different ones are needed. Do you have idea how to work this out – probably there’s some other method than guessing..


  4. I’ve sorted out how to get the installer to run from the trial 2.0 download but have so far failed to get the application to work on my MDD dual 867MHz machine. My 12″ PowerBook is ok as you can just use an Info.plist tweak and get it working – maybe I should put up the installer change anyway: I’d been hoping to get the whole thing finished before I posted, but I’m not sure how long that might take.


  5. Ok michal – after a quick trial just now I found the missing option I needed to get v2 running, so I’ve blogged my