aperture 1.5.4 hack

As with the previous v1.5.3 tweaks, the Info.plist change for CPU speed (and RAM, if your system needs it) was all that was required to enable my ageing 1GHz 12″ PowerBook to run with v1.5.4, but the MDD Dual 867 machine still needed a tweak. The MDD system is now running a supported graphics card (a Radeon 9800, but don’t worry: it was also hacked from the PC variant), so I don’t have any offsets for getting around the video detection code.

Only one edit is required to skip the speed test on the MDD:

0xbfc8: 40 9E 00 88 -> 48 00 00 80

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  1. replace the first occurence to get around the video card detection 40 9E 00 88 -> 48 00 00 80
    works for me (G4 iMac 15″)

  2. Jon Cornforth

    Has anyone using Aperture 1.5.4 gotten around the video detection on a 12″ Powerbook, 1.5Ghz, 1.25GB RAM, OS 10.4.10? I’ve read all of these posts on this and other sites, figured out how to install and run both a hex editor and the plist editor, but none of these posts seem to help. Any advcie would be appreciated.

    By the way, my brand new 24″ iMac is running Aperture beautifully with 4GB Ram!

  3. Wysiwyg

    I switched the second ocurrence of the 40 9E 00 88 to 48 00 00 80. It worked fine in my iBook.

  4. Strange, but for me when applying the above given changes with 0xED Aperture shuts down before the startup is complete. I guess I did something wrong in 0xed? I dont understand the talk about first and second ocurrence??? Please explain this.

    I try to run Aperture 1.5.4 on a Powerbook 12″ 867mhz with 640Mb of ram and a Geforce go 32mb graphics card and OSX 10.4.10 It will be damn slow i know but I just want to se if its possible.

    Thanks alot!

  5. ludin, i had the same phenomenon. try ot alter the value of RKG4LaptopMinimumCPUSpeedMHz in the Info.plist and try again. this worked for me.

  6. In case others haven’t discovered the solution… I’m on an 867Mhz 15″ Titanium Powerbook, 768Mb–doesn’t meet the video card, processor, or memory requirements.

    I modified the Info.plist for both the processor and memory requirements, and had to hex edit the executable as well. At first I replaced the first occurrence of 409E0088, which lead to the “invisible crash” that Lundin described. I then modified the second occurrence of the string as well–no luck. Replacing the original occurrence with the original text made it work.

    Just my two cents.

  7. I have tried the above hacks with 1.5.6 and couldn’t find them.

    Can anyone help?
    I have a G4 AGP Graphics, with Sonnet Tech 1.7 card / 1.5 GB Memory, and Raedon 9800 card (Mac Version) installed, and 10.5 Leopard.

    I’ve been able to run Aperture 1.5.1 but have wanted to upgrade it to 1.5.6 to match my MacBook Pro.


  8. I’m a licensed Aperture user, with a Dual 1.4GHz G4 and a Radeon 9800 Pro. I’d love to upgrade to Aperture 1.5.6, but the current hacks don’t appear to work. Do any of you have any suggestions, or am I stuck with 1.5.4?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  9. I’m using the 1.25GHz iMac G4 with a GeForce FX 5200. After adjusting the speed and memory requirements in the Info.plist and changing the first occurence of 409E0088 (at offset BF08) to 48000080, Aperture 1.5.6 works fine.

  10. My experience, hope this helps someone:
    Dual 1ghz G4 MDD, 1.25G ram, ATI Radeon 9000, 64MB ram, Aperture 1.5.6:
    Using the search & replace strings listed above, I replaced the first one @ offset BF08, Aperture crashed. Changed that back to the original & modified the second occurrence @ offset BFA4, it started, but still told me to piss off. Went back and modified both the first & second occurrence (409E0088 -> 48000080 @ BF08 & BFA4) & it seems to be working like a charm.