more 10.4 fun: Automator World

Automator World :

Unlike Widgets, I was very interested in Automator as a new feature of OS X, but once I tried it I found it disappointing in a different way to AppleScript. I never, ever, understood how to correctly discover the AppleScript dictionary entries I needed*, and my one (big) script was superseded by later releases of OS X and iLife.

The problem this time was that nothing seemed to actually do enough for me: I was hoping for a GUI front-end to AppleScript rather than a nice front-end on a keystroke recorder, but the above site has given me some hope. After just a minute or two I found a nice and flexible ftp workflow which means web site updates from a local tree can be one click away, which starts to make it look appealing again.

Of course, wanting to find a selection of files ending in one extension, get another selection with a different extension and remove all of the items in the second set that aren’t in the first could be a little much for any GUI…

* Ok, maybe I should just have bought a book rather than spending hours on Google

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