Armagetron: A Tron clone in 3d:

Wow. I don’t play games on my computer(s) much (I still miss my old phone as it had a really good monochrome version of Solitare on it – that’s the limit of my gaming skills) but this program is just so much fun in multiplayer mode.

Do go and mess with the options to up the resolution (if you can) and try enabling the mirrored floor – that’s simply amazing. The sounds too: it’s as close as I have been to actually being in Tron since the last time I wandered into a high energy laser lab with a vindictive rouge program vying for total company control…

It’s also stunning that this is being rendered in real time by a lump of machine I can (and do) carry around with me most days. I can recall being excited by the whole ‘rendered on a Cray’ thing that the original had going for it before it was released, and that was before I found out how few colours they had to play with.

Oh, these comments apply to the OS X port BTW. I haven’t tried any of the others, but after a LAN game I think I might have to try for a proper LAN + Internet one. Until I get thrashed every game 🙂